In this blog we are going to quote the best places to see in one of the most visited towns in Spain, Guadalest, which is listed as one of the most beautiful towns in the country, thanks in part to its Castell (Castle) perched high on the rock.


This town dates back to the Muslim era and is located between the Xortà, Serrella, Bernia and Ponoig mountain ranges.

The most beautiful and therefore visited sites are:
1) .- The Castle of San José or Castell de Guadalest

It is a 11th century fortress created by the Muslims, which is located in the highest part of the town on top of the rock, this town had a very important role throughout the Middle and Modern ages due to its strategic location.
The “Castell” suffered two earthquakes in 1644 and 1748 which together with the blasts it suffered in the War of Succession were the causes of its destruction, for these reasons there are currently not many parts of it.

Castell de guadalest

2).- The town

The town has a medieval character due to its narrow streets and cobbled paths where we can find numerous craft shops, museums and restaurants.
The access to the old area (suburb) is through tunnels carved into the rock through which it is accessed, once we pass the tunnel we find ourselves in front of the Orduña house museum, continuing up the street we pass by the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción (Church or our lady Asuncion) and when going up a little higher the street ends at the town square where the Town Hall, restaurant and the impressive viewpoint to the Guadalest Valley are located, where the entire reservoir or swamp is appreciated.


3) .- The Guadalest reservoir

This Guadalest river reservoir has a capacity of 13 cubic hectometers, its dam has a height of 94 meters and a length of 236, the beauty of the environment makes it a unique landscape, around it there is a route of 9.6 km in which you can enjoy the beauty of the environment, the difficulty is low since the unevenness of the route is minimal, it runs along a dirt track and paved road.


4) .- Museums
Guadalest also stands out for having a large number of museums in relation to the inhabitants of the town, 9 museums and 208 inhabitants. The museums are:

  • La Casa Orduña
  • Museo Microminiaturas
  • Museo Antonio Marco/ Museo Belen/ Casitas de Muñecas
  • Museo Microgigantes
  • Museo Medieval
  • Museo de Vehículos Históricos Vall de Guadalest
  • Museo de la Bicicleta
  • Museo de Saleros y Pimienteros
  • Museo Etnologico

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